So apparently crowdfunded hard money loan investments are getting pretty popular. So popular that it is now becoming tough for average joe to get the good ones, kind of like happened with peer to peer loans.

I got an email about one from Fund that Flip. It filled in less than 20 minutes. I had one earlier this morning from RealtyShares that was filled long before I got up. It used to be days or even weeks. It'll get worse as time goes on. Looks like the only way to do this asset class is probably going to be doing it yourself locally alone/with a group or via a fund. I'll likely end up doing the latter for the 5% of my portfolio I'm doing this with.

And this all assumes that adequate due diligence was done by Fund that Flip, because none of the investors are doing any in those 15 minutes. If their due diligence isn't adequate, this could build into a significant house of cards.