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  • 800k to 1031 exchange

    Real estate is getting tougher to find deals in today’s market. I have 42 days to identify properties and looking for something good? Looking for nnn commercial or a good luxury large short term rental. Thx! St

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    Lol, we don’t know where you live or where you are willing to travel. Every real estate market has its inefficiencies and you want us to do the due diligence for you? Am I getting this right?


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      Should be able to rent this place out to an aspiring chef no problem. Or someone really into multitasking.

      But you better act fast! As we all know, the kitchen sells the house...


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        Not sure how that happened? 1031s can be the boon to amassing RE wealth. But they need to be done thoughtfully and strategically. I bought several SFH 12 years ago with the thought they’d cash flow, appreciate and I’d 1031 for multi family during early retirement for more cash flow. They’ve appreciated well beyond my proforma but there’s Jack squat in multi family in my market that would make a 1031 a wise move. It’s unlikely you’ll identify a property in 6 weeks that’s a great investment in this market. Your best bet at this point is to look at syndications that will allow 1031 money. I know someone that amassed $29M in properties and did just that. He told me used the 506 group and private investors group to vette deals. I’ve no personal experience with either. But he’s all in and quite happy. Traded a slew of class C in one city for a diversified portfolio nationally with the same or better returns and zero day to day. I’m not vouching for either group as I have no direct experience. But worked in his case. YMMV.


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          I threw a couple fishing lines to various syndications, brokers, see what I can catch. I know there are only few savvy physicians here that are heavily involved real estate. I have a few commercial properties that I can leverage 40-50% with good cash flow but average ROI. One comment here shows he didn’t understand how 1031 exchange works. 45 days to identify properties and 6 months to vet and close.