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    Originally posted by Lordosis View Post

    a 12 year old can mow a lawn but not vacuum a floor as a job?
    I got paid for doing a lot of jobs by someone other than my parents.

    I guess my folks were cheap and lazy. Or smart. My older brothers got paid more allowance too!


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      Originally posted by CordMcNally View Post

      It gets blurry but kids getting hired out for lawn work isn't uncommon but I don't see too many kids getting hired to be a handyman. If the kid is vacuuming other people's floors besides their parent's floor then it's likely kosher but I doubt they are. In the end, it isn't up to me but I personally would have a hard time justifying the OP's situation.
      I have seen enough on here. Vacuuming, wiping walls, doing the landscaping, changing filters, heck even yard work on some of them I think I’ll be able to validate. I was painting fences at 12 maybe I can get them painting walls.

      my only problem is I have 4 kids. That’s a lot of rentals!


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        Originally posted by MPMD View Post

        good for him
        i would have a genuine concern about FMV if i were trying to do roths
        I never did Roth's on this $$. The point was that people will pay a 12 year old a good wage. He turned 14 and could get a work permit this past May (Is that just California?). Started working 3 days after his birthday at a local (very expensive) club washing dishes (he loves to cook and wanted experience in a kitchen). We took one week off to run the Rubicon trail (4x4 trail), one week off to go whitewater rafting, and 2.5 weeks off to visit the Galapagos. He still made $5200 for the summer with all those vacations! They were paying him $16 plus tips, which turned out to be $22/hour!!! fortunate for him, unfortunate for Momma, I did a Momma-match for him into his Roth for this W2 income.