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    I do have folks that could place a tenant for me or make a repair in a pinch. That's from networking during my 5 years of residency in/around that market.
    I recommend to buy in markets that demonstrate long-term appreciation and rent growth. My worst day ever managing my rentals resulted in me spending an hour, not a full day. I would have probably spent that hour browsing forums or go out eating food that's bad for me anyway
    I did make the decision to start funding retirement equities this year. But it won't ever represent more than 25% of my portfolio. Real estate is just too good when it comes to tax benefits and inflation-hedging.


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      I'm guessing you were not invested in real estate in 2007-2008? It wasn't great then, in fact it was bad. Some of my properties pulled through unscathed because we were long term hold type of investors, but market rents plunged in that timeframe. I had some SFH's at that time and took a bit of a loss on them. My point is, there are cycles to every market and real estate is no exception. Diversify, diversify , diversify.


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        I have invested in real estate (SFHs, condos, partnerships, etc.) as a resident and junior staff. Was enjoyable and the monthly net income has already surpassed my living expenses, making me FI one year out of residency. It’s been pretty easy to manage the coastal properties from a distance without a PM. I recommend everyone do the same. Most people are scared (I don’t know why).
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        It sounds really nice at first to not take calls, etc....I just didnt want to be point man. However, the PM is bad and being a dr I guess doesnt give one much freedom to allow quickly fixed things to just hang out, so now the tenant has our number and we just knock everything out automatically. Its not been bad, aside from the fact our tenant seems lonely and it can be hard to get out of there without giving an hour of listening time, or getting chatted up while working. Very nice, but you know.