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  • best way to invest in what I am doing

    I am a physician that recently became a realtor.  I have made several connections with flippers and will be selling their houses and helping them find houses to flip. What is the safest and best way that I can also invest in these flippers?  Doing a "hard money" loan, setting up a fund with other investors, or buying the individuals houses with the flippers and figuring out a way to split the profits?  Thanks for your time and thanks for your website.  It has been very helpful!

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    You might want to ask those questions here:
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      The safest way is to use other peoples money.


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        What is the safest and best way that I can also invest in these flippers?
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        Do not do this without professional advice. Set up an LLC for this activity and see an attorney for a good basic contract with all of your potential "partners". You need to be aware that partners have unlimited liability for other partner's liabilities unless you are a limited partner, so you might want to invest through your LLC into any partnerships with other investors.

        You will be paying tax at your top marginal tax bracket, since flips are , by definition, short term. If it becomes a real business, the profits are potentially subject to FICA (Medicare, for you) taxes, also.
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