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  • Origin Income Plus fund

    I am considering investing in the Origin Income plus fund. The fund charge an upfront fee of 2%, but this fee drops to 1% over 250K and 0.5% over 1mil. The minimum is 100K . However, if 10 investors come as group and place 100K each, you can get the 0.5% fee. Everyone remains an individual investor, the group must list each other as referrals. Even existing investor can be listed as part of the group. I am willing to be 1 investor in the group, but I need 9 more new or existing investor to reach the 1 mil threshold to save money and reduce the 2% fee down to 0.5% upfront fee. Is anyone interested ?

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    I had some interest in one of the Origin offerings a couple of months ago. Obviously their predicted returns might not happen, but I liked the tax shielding through depreciation their fund offered. In the end, since I’m still only in the early accumulation phase, I couldn’t realistically put such a large percentage of my investable assets in a single fund. Even from a cash drag standpoint, trying to save up that much money to meet the minimum seemed unwise.

    But I wish you luck in your noble quest, and would appreciate periodic updates in how it’s going because it might be of interest in the future.