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Real estate property in another country

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  • Real estate property in another country

    Outside of affordability, we're interested to hear about people's thoughts on some of the issues that may need to be considered if one were to purchase/own a home outside of the US. Tax implications? How does the additional home factor into asset protection strategies? Suggestions on which area/country to look into?
    We're not necessarily considering the purchase as an investment, but rather as a potential future home base for traveling and part time living abroad.

    Thanks very much!

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    Sorry you haven't received a response yet. I know there are many physicians who have roots in foreign countries who could help but, in absence of that, you'll need to do a lot of research. The tax treatment is very country-specific (we have several clients with RE in other countries, fwiw) but there are many, many other considerations. If you get serious, you may want to work with a planner/CPA who specializes in cross-border issues. Brian Wruk is one I would recommend. Specializes in US-Canada issues but has many contacts in the expat advisor community.
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