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Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Conference a.k.a. PIMDCON20

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  • StarTrekDoc
    Agree, the workshop gathered a lot of steam in complexity throughout the days. We stayed away from cost segregation that's more worthy in commercial than our direct residential real estate that we did.

    The latter method of spouse as professional is much more common and the primary way to defray losses against the physician's high tax bracket while you're in the accumulation mode and leveraging real estate, then flipping to cashflow in the latter years as you wean off the MD income.

    We stopped accumulating several years ago as the glidepath showed success, and really don't need to play the game more than we need to and just be the beach bum

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  • White.Beard.Doc
    The conference had some very thought provoking, quality presentations. I feel I got quite a bit out of it.

    I have been a successful real estate investor for quite some time. But I never really took my real estate investments to the next level. At this stage of life, my various ventures are throwing off so much cash that I am paying impressive annual sums in income taxes. It feels like my best next move would be to purchase some substantial real estate assets and to then do cost segregation to generate substantial front end bonus depreciation losses.

    I would need to structure things so that I could use the paper losses on real estate to negate income from other sources, in particular my S Corp business income. I am wondering if my S Corp passive income would allow the real estate losses to counteract that other income. Would it make sense to buy real estate within the S Corp that is throwing off so much income? Another option that I know would work is for my spouse to qualify as a real estate professional, which would clearly allow those real estate losses to counterbalance other income.

    I am going to reach out to my CPA and tax lawyer to see what they have to say.

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  • Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Conference a.k.a. PIMDCON20

    Registration is open for the 2nd annual Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Conference. Now more than ever, it’s apparent to many of us that we need to find a better way to live our lives. We need balance. We need flexibility. We need freedom. Dr. Dahle will be speaking along with 20+ other experts. Join us to find out how you can launch your path to financial independence! The conference will be streamed online October 9-11, and it is FREE. Register now:
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