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How many syndications do you invest in at one time?

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  • How many syndications do you invest in at one time?

    I am investing in real estate syndications. I want to know what is reasonable number of syndications to invest in. Do you stagger them to one or more per year? I am trying to spread out the types of syndications and locations of syndications which is like being diversified. I am concerned about the amount of K-1's and the numbers of tax returns needing to be sent in the location of the syndications. Any recommendations/education is much appreciated. Thanks.

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    I am currently invested in 5. All are a single location investments so each has it's own K-1. It's no big deal you just have to get them from the syndicator at tax time and give them to your CPA.


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      dennis thanks for the response. Do you ladder your syndications or do buy when you see a good deal?


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        Buy when a deal comes along. I have set up 3 syndications myself.


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          I recommend networking with as many of us as possible, and we'll present deals directly to you. You can then just pick what interests you. It's a great way to have a 'team' of folks doing all the legwork!
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            Another piece to consider is how large each individual investment is and how much of your portfolio you want to be real estate and how diversified across real estate you want to be. That could create a natural limit for you. If you want to invest 100k per deal and have about 500k total allocated to real estate, you probably won't do more than 1-2 per year. If you CPA can't work with a dozen K-1's, you probably need a new CPA.
            As dennis mentioned, invest when you see one that you like with a sponsor you trust. It's generally better to invest in a good deal than to wait for the 'perfect' next deal and have large investment down periods.