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Roofstock issue with property manager- advice needed

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  • Roofstock issue with property manager- advice needed


    I just completed my 2nd real estate purchase through roofstock. The first purchase went smoothly. This second purchase is not going smoothly. There was only one property management company available for the area. The online reviews of the company were pretty good. The initial contact person was very responsive and answered questions appropriately. As soon as we verbally committed to using the company, the point of contact went MIA. We have closed on our purchase over a week ago. We haven't signed a contract. They don't have my direct deposit information, but they supposedly have collected rent. The roofstock agents have not been helpful since the property is closed on. They keep telling me the company has been vetted, but apparently I am the only roofstock client they have. When I requested a new company, roofstock told me the tenants will get upset and likely leave. In my opinion, I pay extra to go through roofstock to make sure I get a decent property manager. I'm still new at real estate investing; I'd appreciate any advice. Has anyone else had similar experiences with roofstock? Anyone have a roofstock contact that cares about the clients that may be willing to help? Thanks!

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    Bumping this, just in case a Roofstock investor missed it.
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