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Do I need an LLC for a small farm?

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  • Do I need an LLC for a small farm?

    I am looking at buying a small amount of land (40-80 acres).  This is mostly for a place to hunt/camp, and potentially build a house in the future.  But most of the land I am looking at also has some tillable ground, so will be likely be rented out to a farmer on a cash-rent basis.  The income will be small, 3-6K a year, from the farm rental.

    Is there a need for an LLC?  My thought is no.  State Farm says I will need a farm insurance policy (similar to a homeowners policy), and my $2 million umbrella policy will provide liability coverage on top of this.  My CPA says any farm-related expenses can be deducted on my personal tax return.

    I like simplicity, so prefer to avoid an LLC unless I hear a good argument for one.

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    I have a small farm.  20 acres.  No LLC.


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      The only argument for one would be to further decrease liability above and beyond the umbrella. You know, someone sneaks on to the farm with their four wheeler, hits a hole in the ground, flips, breaks their neck, and somehow successfully sues you for more than $2 Million. Then you'd only be out the farm.

      Admittedly, doesn't sound super high risk like owning an 8 door apartment building. That I would say definitely needs to go in an LLC.
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