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  • Real estate broker license

    Anyone obtain their broker's license? If so did they find it helpful in initially learning about real estate and make connections with local brokers?

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    Broker license is pretty onerous. I've done initial research on just getting licensed as an agent and that bar is definitely too high for the casual RE person. I figured you would either have to do at least a deal a year for yourself or you need to represent a few ppl on deals a year for it to be worth the time to get the license and the fees (the time and fees aren't just initial - they are often continuous). plus you need to find a broker you can work under. it's all a complete racket frankly.

    If your goal is to build a RE empire (buying up a few properties a year for many years), sure, it's probably worth the effort and being in the know culturally with those folks would be helpful. But realize that there is a reason ppl get agent licenses in much higher numbers than broker licenses and that's because it comes with a lot of hurdles.also realize that brokers make a pretty penny on those fees from agents that think they are going to make it and then do little to nothing.