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  • Interested in Direct Real Estate Investing?

    Leti and Kenji are two docs who have started a real estate empire and are now teaching other doctors how to do it. If you hate paying taxes, you might be excited to learn that they literally paid no income taxes the last few years. All of their real estate and clinical (he now qualifies as a real estate professional but she still practices half-time) income was covered by depreciation.

    At any rate, their course starts the first of the year, but you have to sign up for it by December 15th.

    Today and tomorrow, you can sign-up for a free "mini-course" (i.e. webinar) that will qualify you for $200 off.

    Enroll in Free Mini-Course!

    If you buy the course through the affiliate links on this page, I'll send you a signed copy of my latest book too.

    Be aware this course makes my online course look downright cheap, so this is only for those who are really serious about buying cash-flowing rental properties directly. But many students have bought their first rental property even before finishing the course. Here's a few testimonials from prior students:
    • "I knew NOTHING about real estate investing prior to taking Zero to Freedom Through Cashflowing rentals, but I have now closed on three investment properties within a month of finishing the course and am actively looking to add more properties to my growing portfolio!" - Jane Yu
    • "You really changed our lives by creating this class and passing along your real estate knowledge. You said it was a pleasure in your last video to teach this class, but I think the pleasure was ours!!" - Cheryl Zils
    • "I never imagined it was possible, but the course enabled me to progress from no knowledge about real estate investing to placing an offer on an investment property in under 3 months. In addition, it gave me the opportunity to think deeply about my personal and professional goals and grow in new ways I also hadn't thought were possible before. Thanks for an awesome experience." -Gretchen Green
    • "Thank you, Kenji and Letizia, for showing us a new way to financial freedom!" - Celine Lee
    • "Letizia and Kenji and their course helped give us a vision of what is possible. We now have something we can run towards. Hello REPS [real estate professional status] 2020!" - Matthew Schaefer
    • "We just closed on our first property and I just got a video of our major rehab going down across the country that I am totally not managing hands-on and hubby is closing on another shortly. Yayyy we are taking action." -Sunny Smith
    • "I gained confidence from taking Zero to Freedom Through Cashflowing Rentals. The class on mindset was amazing. This is exactly what I was missing" - Tat Ana

    If you want to learn more about the course, check it out:

    Enroll in Zero to Freedom Through Cash Flowing Rentals Today!
    Helping those who wear the white coat get a fair shake on Wall Street since 2011