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Fundrise or Roofstock: Anyone Used These?

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  • Fundrise or Roofstock: Anyone Used These?

    What has your experience been like?

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    Fundrise dropped dramatically in a well-known rank list of crowdfunding sites this year. From # 1 to # 25 or something similar I think. Not sure that's the one I'd go for at the moment. Realtyshares and Realty Mogul are still getting high rankings, but I think the top this year was Peer Street.
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      I've done one deal with Fundrise in the past. It was a debt deal where I received 10.5% annualized interest over 10 months or so. It was clean, easy & at the end of the day I got what I was promised, so I have nothing bad to say. The thing I've noticed about them is they've gone away from individual projects and moved to the REIT model. Other crowdfunding sites I've had a good experiences with are Patch of Land, Realtyshares & RealCrowd. All have their nuances and hard to say which ones better. They're only as good as the operator and deal which you happen to invest in. However, you are starting to see which ones are shaking out as the best run ones.

      I'm not investing quite as heavily in these crowdfunding sites as I was a year or two ago as I'm a little more concerned about where the housing market is headed. A quick correction will be felt by these fix & flip investors first and ultimately the investors funding these deals. If you're interested in dipping your feet in the waters though, I'd probably diversify a bit across different operators, reputable platforms and location.

      I've been looking at Roofstock and it sounds like a fantastic concept. I like the idea of diversifying the porfolio with some single family investment properties. Roofstock is one way, and HomeUnion is another. I already have a fully performing property with HomeUnion but I may try one with Roofstock as well to try out their process.




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        Hello, I recently used Roofstock for a purchase in Alabama. Everything seemed fine until I noticed they were asking to send good faith money for a different property than one I had made offer on. Suspiciously it looked the same in pictures but was located in different town in same state and was 20000 cheeper. I canceled my transaction. They worked with me but withheld $500. I am not impressed with their ability to work as a middleman for online purchase.