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Freestanding ER syndicated real estate?

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  • Freestanding ER syndicated real estate?

    These things are popping up like wildfires.  Must be big $$ in them from some angle.  Was wondering if anyone had invested in them at all and/or if there are any syndicated opportunities.  Maybe some experience with clinics/doc in a box may apply, but I think these will have better longevity/stability.

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    No personal experience but I found a syndicator in the state of CT who was raising capital for Urgent Care Centers. So, they are out there...

    I am a little skittish on these things because they are popping up all over the place, a bit too much competition my mind, but totally depends on the area.




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      There is big money in them. Location is extremely important. There are very real risks, but those who have gotten in early have made a killing.

      The real money is the facility fees, which are typically 4X what the doc fee is.
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