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What % discount should a tenant receive for a non-functioning oven?

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  • What % discount should a tenant receive for a non-functioning oven?

    Question for the landlords out there:

    My family and I just moved into a condo (that we are renting) but we learned on the first day we arrived that the A/C unit upstairs exploded and the water leak had caused significant damage to our kitchen. As a result, the oven/stove had to be removed, our kitchen cabinets pulled and the entire kitchen flooring has to be redone. Our landlord said she didn't give us a heads up because she thought everything would have been fixed by our move-in date. Well, we're almost 8 weeks out now and they're finally starting construction. My landlord really has been trying to speed this along but the condo association has been dragging their feet. When we first moved in, my landlord said she'd give us 50% off our rent for everyday the construction was going on. Now that were two months in, she's going back on her word and offered $1000 of rental credit, which comes out to only ~ 20%. This has not been an easy 8 weeks as you can imagine. We've had to eat most of our meals out as we don't have a functioning kitchen and the constant presence of the construction crew has made it difficult to have any type of privacy, let alone some peace and quiet for my 9 month old baby.

    From your assessment, what % would be a fair discount ? I talked to another friend who was in a somewhat similar situation and they got 50% off as well but they were part of a large apartment complex. They also asked us to provide references to show them what the industry standard would be for a situation like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all

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    Interesting question. Can't wait to see what others say.

    At a minimum, you all should get reimbursed for your dining out expenses.

    What are your rights as a tenant in that state/city? In mine, the landlord has two weeks to adequately address the issue before you can legally withhold rent.

    Going forward, make sure everything is in writing. If the 50% discount had been via email your landlord couldn't have backtracked so easily.


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      I think I'd push for the promised 50%. Read the laws regarding renters in your state as they vary quite a bit. You may be entitled to even more by law. 20% beats a kick in the teeth, but probably doesn't even cover the additional cost of eating out above and beyond groceries, even including your prep time.
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        Now that were two months in, she’s going back on her word and offered $1000 of rental credit, which comes out to only ~ 20%.
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        As you said, it's only an offer. I think you should counter with the 50%, as others have said. Just say, "no, that's not acceptable".

        Does your lease agreement make provisions to be voided if certain conditions are not met? Threaten to vacate, if you're willing to do so.
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          I am a 50% partner in a business that has about 16 long term rent condos here in Denver.  2 months is totally unacceptable to start with, we can take a unit, totally gut the thing and have it back together in 30 days.  If we had an issue like yours it might be 2-3 days before construction started but we would have it knocked out in a week....the time and lifestyle disruption is what I would be focused on when having the discussion with the landlord.  50% off is not unreasonable since it is probably a situation where the landlord is waiting until the HOA insurance agreed to pay the rehab costs and thus they know what money they have to spend on your unit.  In fact, in some HOA policies there is a 'loss of use' provision so there maybe a bit of money from that policy for you as well.
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