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Hiring first PA/NP

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  • Hiring first PA/NP

    My group is about to hire our first midlevel. Will probably be a PA.  We each do our own coding and new doctors are always sent to a coding course specific to our specialty which is in our city every year by

    Anyone know of courses we can send a PA to to learn coding?  Or a good way outside of a course for a PA to learn this?

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    Chances are your PA or NP is going to have a narrower scope of practice then you, so why not try to teach them yourself with the knowledge you've gained? If you really want to send them to a course why not the one you mentioned?


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      KZ course is not worth it for a PA/NP. Agree with teaching him or her yourself.

      I went to it and I’m not sure it was even worth it for me.


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        WCI recently featured a medical billing and coding course, by a urologist, so may have some surgical sub specialty applicability.  I haven't used it but it's only $249 - link at the bottom of every page on WCI site, under "Online Courses"


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          Good info, thanks!