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How To Make Yourself More Marketable

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    Interesting thread.  I just got a call about a part-time job that I did not solicit.  I am interviewing Friday.  I am interested because it has health insurance.  I think being affable and available are key .  Question is do I want it?  I need details.
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    Have you already retired?  Or is it coming in the near future?

    Maybe contributing something medical to your hospital on a part time basis will balance out your retirement nicely.  I think you can still call yourself retired if it is part time work and you are doing it for fun rather than because you need a paycheck.

    I am still working a significant number of hours, but more because it is fun rather than because I need to.  It was a head rush for me to do recent teaching rounds with a team of residents.  I earned tremendous kudos from the team regarding how stimulating and educational it was for them.  That gave me a good feeling, like I was making a difference for these young docs.

    I have so many things I love to do these days and medicine is still one of those things.  The stress has flown out the window now that I only do what I want to do.  I think part of it is the frame of mind I am in when I go to work, now that going to work is optional.


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      Oh, and back on topic...

      An ability to work with a team, lead a team, build a team, and to create solutions to problems makes one very marketable.  Start with knowledge, add wisdom, and mix in a bit of leadership skill with a pinch of humility, you will be golden in so many situations.