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  • Experience with TeleHealth companies

    Does anyone have any practical experience with TeleHealth companies?  I am a pediatrician looking to put in a few hours here and there on some weekends.  I am looking at TeleDoc, DoctorOnDemand, MeMD and AmericanWell.  Have also looked at HealthTap but can't seem to figure out their business structure.  Would want to make sure malpractice insurance is provided (my current insurance wouldn't cover me while moonlighting) and something I wouldn't have to waste a lot a time building up an online practice.  Also looking for a company that has a good volume of participants so that the hours I put in will be most productive.  Thanks.

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    Peds here also.  I've been doing Teladoc since Jan. 2017.  I enjoy it. The flexibility is terrific.  This year has gotten busier as more people are getting used to the idea of telemedicine.  Flu season was crazy.  Teladoc has malpractice that covers what you do for them.  The other companies are not as active in the states I am licensed in.  The companies don't have restrictive covenants so you can do multiple companies to earn more if you want.  Research which is the busiest in the states you already have licenses in.  I like Teladoc because they aren't trying to be a primary care replacement like Am Well seemed to me.  They are an urgent care alternative.  Good luck!


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      Some other threads here, for some light reading:

      i have a collegue who work for Teledoc (FM). Loves it. No shortage of work whenever they decide to "log in". Good coverage, easy enough EMR. Flexible. And thinks they get paid a decent amount, especially wearing pajamas. They seem to give good guidance on how the process works, if you have questions. They also liked the organized credentialing process. They like the patients (and thus the medicine) too - mostly people who just need some advice or help, not a high percentage of obnoxious call ins.

      Keeping licenses from training can be helpful here...


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        How exactly does this work, anyway? Is it like mommy calls but with video? You can't exactly listen to a kid's chest, though there's a lot you can tell otherwise.