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What business credit card do you use?

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  • What business credit card do you use?

    I need to get a CC for my LLC. I am leaning towards either the Chase Ink Preferred or Chase Ink Cash back.

    Chase Ink Preferred: $95 yearly fee after the first year, 3 points/$ spent on travel, internet/cable phone, shipping, social media ads, points redeemed on chase rewards get a 25% boost, phone insurance included, 80,000 initial bonus points if I spend $5,000 during first 3 months (which I won't) so no bonus for me

    Chase Ink Cash back: no yearly fee, 5% back for internet/cable phone expenses and office supplies, 2% for restaurant and gas stations, 1% everything else

    I have always been a cash back person as I find the point systems confusing and restrictive. I travel once or twice a year, mostly with Delta and usually with my wife. Am I missing out on something by not using these point systems?


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    We use Ink Preferred --  just charge your mortgage taxes or buy a bunch of amazon GCs for the $5k.  You're literally leaving $800 on the table without hitting the bonus.  That's without even taking advantage of the transfers to their partners.   Hyatt hotels is one that you can leverage with those 2 trips/year.


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      I had a Chase Ink Preferred, but only used it long enough to get the bonus. I've also had the Citi Aadvantage card to rack up some American Airlines miles.


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        I use Chase Ink Preferred, transfer all points to my Chase Sapphire Reserve, and use to book travel. When I was looking a couple years ago the Capital One Spark cash back looked to be a good cash back business card.


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          I use Amex SimplyCash Business Card, but not really for business spending, rather 3% restaurants, 5% cell phone bill, and 5% Staples/gift cards.


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            Southwest business card.  $5.60 companion pass each way is nice.


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              Interestingly enough I got an offer in the mail for a Capital One Spark card with 2% cash back on everything, $59 annual fee after 1st year is free, $1,000 back if I spend $10,000 in the first 3 months. Seems like they lowered their yearly fee.


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                Definitely get the ink preferred and also the sapphire reserve. The sapphire reserve's $450 fee is actually only $150, because you get a realtime rebate of $300 on restaurants and travel. The points redeem at 1.5x on the chase portal. You can transfer to almost any airline instantaneously. This returns a far higher value than cash back. I would downgrade the ink preferred card after you get the bonus and have transferred to the sapphire reserve. The net value of the sign up bonuses (130,000 points) is worth about $2000.