My hospital system has engaged me about doing case reviews for another similar physician at one of their facilities 2+ hours away. At this point, I don’t know much more detail (number of cases, expected time commitment, one time thing vs recurrent). They also haven’t informed me yet of reimbursement for this, rather just reached out to gauge my interest. It is not an attorney, but rather an arm of my medical system’s own Peer Review arm.

The physician in question is one from whom I have seen multiple very unhappy patients in just the last couple of years, and in my opinion (based on what I’ve seen) is fairly unscrupulous, not to mention poor technically. I know we all have bad outcomes, but he has bad outcomes from poorly performed surgeries and poorly selected patients.

Two questions on this, I guess. One would be, any things I need to watch out for? I guess I am wondering about ramifications for me in the future. Second, what kind of payment would be reasonable on a per hour basis for something like this?