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Community practice and question of academic role on side and compensation calcn.

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  • Community practice and question of academic role on side and compensation calcn.

    I am a community internal medicine subspecialist in the Midwest started end of 2016. I am 1 years and 3 months in to my practice. I am employed at 1.0 FTE with minimum guaranteed salary (for first 2 years, then all WRVU based compensation). But compensation is commensurate with wRVU production (more wRVUs over the guaranteed salary, you get paid extra). In my first year in 2017, I have already exceeded the goal and am in good shape.

    Recently, I expanded my role in the university and accepted a 0.1 FTE position there for active participation in the medical school and research. I still have full clinical responsibilities. Initially I was offered 1.0 FTE for my clinical work (with stipend) and 0.1 FTE as additional to the clinical role making it 1.1 FTE. However, some changes in leadership and new VP wants to cut down on it and make it a 'total' 1.0 FTE (0.9 clinical and 0.1 academic). I still have 1 year of minimum guaranteed salary which will be the same but will correspond to 0.9 FTE plus the 0.1 FTE stipend from the university. I am expecting to exceed my guarantee for 2018 and so baseline salary does not matter anyways.

    Considering that all my compensation would be primarily geared by WRVUS (plus stipend), in such a role, does it really matter 1.1 FTE (1+0.1) or 1 FTE (0.9+0.1)?

    Pros and cons?

    Anyone in a similar boat?

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    If it doesn't matter, why do they want to change it on you? Regardless of current financial consequences, I'd be irritated to have my previous clinical workload of 1.0 FTE magically reduced to 0.9 FTE with a stroke of an administrator's pen. I can imagine all kinds of consequences down the road of being seen as 1.0 FTE instead of 1.1 FTE for the same hours and same work. If they have nothing to gain out of it, why go to the trouble of changing this on you on the back end after an agreement seemed to be in place. Got anything in writing from before the new leadership took over?