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  • Private Practice vs FQHC

    Am having trouble deciding whether to join a well reputed private practice group.  This is obgyn in a fairly affluent HCOL coastal area, 2 other practitioners, each with own stream of revenue just sharing overhead.  I am in my 40's, have only been employed.  They are early 60's and likely will transition to gyn only in a few years.  They do full scope obgyn but not a of laparoscopy.  Overhead is $14k/mth before malpractice and no EMR.  PPO only practice.  My malpractice has been quoted from $17k at TDC to $23K with a local one.  Call is q4 and there is a laborist practice at the hospital.  Billing company takes 5.75%.  Startup costs are >$10k.  Hospital willing to give me an $85k income guarantee for first 6 mths.  Would be replacing someone who left in august and hoping to capture some of her patients.  Moving required to an area where housing is twice as much, but better schools/neighborhood.

    Other option is to do FQHC, clinic only, $200k for a 35 hr work week.  No moving required.

    I love gyn surgery, not a huge fan of OB, but the continuity and relationships with patients on that front make it worthwhile.  There are also other aspects of my life that are messy and may make taking q4 call in a private practice setting difficult.

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    I am sorry you have not yet gotten a reply - unfortunately, this is not something I can help with!  ops:  Bumping back up.
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      THis is really hard to compare--apples to oranges as they say.


      FQHC is really meant for someone seeking to help the greater good, in a public health setting. you would be seeing charity and medicaid care almost exclusively, many patients for whom english is a second language. Sounds like this would be the polar opposite from your private practice opportunity.


      However, i was once taught if only valuing compensation alone, your $/hr is a better gauge then absolute compensation. and if you enjoy where you live now, then maybe that is the way to go.


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        Sounds like you will soon be on call more than q4 as the older docs quit ob.  I quit at 56.  Is this the only ob group at this hospital.  Your costs will also include health insurance.  I like sharing overhead.  Will the hospital be willing to recruit partners for you as the others quit ob.  Will the hospital be willing to get you an emr.


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          WCICON24 EarlyBird
          What happens to the FQHC finances when/if Medicaid eligibility is shrunk? We are probably at the peak payment rates of Medicaid and at a low point of uninsured %. FQHC cannot turn anyone away regardless of insured or not, I think.