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  • SEAK conference

    Has anyone attended any of the seak conferences for expert witness/chart review consultations? Was it helpful/worth the financial cost? Did it get you more consultations?

    I would like to do expert witness consultations, but have no idea how I would get offers or put myself out there to potential clients..

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    This post touches on it:


    I've been to a SEAK conference but not the one on expert witness/chart review.




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      Also this had a few comments:

      I thought somebody went to this conference recently, hopefully they'll see this and comment?


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        I just attended and highly recommend it! It was very instructive and the two speakers were well experienced, interactive and entertaining. I’ve done about 5 expert witness cases so far.. with two case review while I was there at the conference. Before the conference.. I honestly was just winging it as I went. But after the conference.. I have a big picture overview of the whole process and I’m more confident in how I speak with the lawyers. Stay in my sandbox of expertise. Hope it helps!