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Opening up a vein practice

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  • Opening up a vein practice

    Hello all.

    After eight years of practice I am looking to open up my own vein clinic. Looking to seek advice from mid level physicians that opened up their own practice whether it be a vein clinic, pain clinic etc. I have a checklist of items to do but am unsure of what/how to do first. I am also looking to avoid any major pitfalls. I am in Ohio and am in the process of registering my new business with the state. I have experience in website design so plan to create my own website once that is accomplished.

    I have also been scouting some locations although the two places I looked at are subleases which I am a little wary of. I prefer negotiating my own lease one one one with the landlord.

    Of the top of my head, my list of things to do include:

    Secure the lease

    Secure malpractice insurance. Register with insurance companies. Secure privileges at an ambulatory surgery center.

    Hire the staff: office manager, ultrasound technologist, medical assistant/nurse.

    Purchase equipment ( in process)


    Open up shop!



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    no clue actually but good luck.


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      A few thoughts;
      1. Do you currently do veins? Is your current group practice not interested in creating a vein practice?
      2. Do you have a business plan? How will you get what I imagine is a 0.5 to 1 million loan to open the practice?
      3. Why do you need privileges at an ASC. Would be much better for your bottom line if you do all procedures in your office and collect the facility fee.
      4. How much competition in your area for vein patients? Do you have access to a good referral source?
      5. By the way, it is becoming harder and harder to get insurance approval/coverage for varicose vein procedures that actually pay well (EVLA, RFA, ambulatory phlebectomy) even for symptomatic patients. . It doesn’t seem like the average VV patent is willing or able to pay out of pocket for these.