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Expected patient volume @ kaiser

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  • Expected patient volume @ kaiser

    I interviewed with kaiser in Nor Cal for family med, the chief physician involved in recruitment and contact with me told me the avg patient volume is 21 patients per day, she did mention kaiser docs there work hard as well. After interviewing at other places is pretty common to see around 25-27 patients per day and they make similar income or slightly more then kaiser.

    Some recruiters tell me you see allot more then 21 patients per day in clinic with kaiser and there docs do get worn out.

    I'm confused as to the true patient volume here, since the kaiser docs told me one number but I'm hearing another from recruiters. Anyone have first hand knowledge of this or know someone working for kaiser?

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    My wife works for Kaiser here in NorCal. She is a primary care doc (Internal Medicine). She has 24 slots available for appointments per day. Sometimes they can force book appointments on top of that, but this is rare. And they need your approval to do so.


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      I think one big difference is the volume of patient emails. I think Kaiser has a more robust patient email system than many others. So there may be fewer physical appointment slots but a limitless supply of emails coming to you from your patients.


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        Exactly - it's not just F2F; but overall panel management that's key to the wear/tear of outpatient practice.  Access is king -- both in response to mychart messages as well as phone/F2F visits.

        There are at times force-ins when access is constrained from leave or flu season or poor panel management where one brings in people too quickly/often.



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          Expect them to treat you like a rented mule.


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            I have found out that patients will try their best to avoid coming in to the office if they can get the answers over email or phone. That saves them the copay, deductible and time. Especially for chronic conditions where they want refills without having the blood check and clinical monitoring.

            In a PP you can say enough is enough and make them come in before writing the prescription or answering a long winded question about their symptoms / signs. Can that be done in Kaiser. Will that be reimbursed or counted towards any productivity.


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              Ahh the patient access/emails does seem like a big time consumer especially with ppl avoiding coming into the office as best they can. Thanks for all the replies.

              How does your wife like working for kaiser? Any big pros/cons