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Should physician recruiters use social media?

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  • Should physician recruiters use social media?

    I work at an ED/Urgent Care/Hospitalist staffing company and I recently met with our physician recruiter to discuss our recruiting strategy.  A potential large hole I see in that strategy is the lack of social media for our company...Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, etc...

    Would any of you as physicians have any advice on this?  Is social media something physician recruiters should stay away from?  Or is it the main key to success in today's connected world?

    Do you have any advice I can pass along to our recruiters?

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    So, I don't use any of these platforms, so take what I say accordingly.  But what exactly do you have to lose by making a Facebook and Twitter page?  That can only help with exposure.

    With that in mind, the last thing I want are friend requests from recruiters.  Those are going to get rejected every time.  I should probably be doing the same thing with all these LinkedIn requests from people I've never met.  I can't imagine I'll actually ever use any of them in a job search.


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      Agreed.  You should have a standing social media page, but long ago, I changed my social media handle so the recruiters and others couldn't find it.  I think the 20 phone calls and 80 emails a week have things covered.  I can't keep up with blocking them all.


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        Always had problems with recruiters calling and being on top of it. Seems better now then a few years ago though. I think obviously you have to have a page so when a doc comes looking its very easy. Most of the websites are very bad.