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Millions in insurance payments missing. Insurance reimbursement attorney needed...

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    Originally posted by Hank View Post

    No need to threaten. Courtesy copy the state insurance commission. Mention that it’s part of an ongoing pattern of failure to pay the contractually obligated rate. Somehow the ”errors” always result in short payment instead of overpayment. Could be gross negligence, could be fraud. Either way, fix your stuff or we’re dropping your insurance. If you won’t follow your half of the contract, we’re not going to be held to it.
    You have to have the guts to actually drop out of the insurance plan. Insurance companies know this.


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      Wonder if this was United Healthcare. Last year they just ignored our group’s contract and paid less. Had to sue but didn’t go to court. Now they are paying and we are best friends again. Glad our billing team was on it.


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        The healthcare billing and payment process is a mess.
        • I see offices billing an amount. Seems always over.
        • An insurance company paying an allowed amount. Seems always under.
        • Sometimes the patient is responsible for the balance and is billed. Patient calls and the person on the phone says they don’t know what the problem is.
        I got an email from QuestDiagnostics that I owed them money. It is a PITA Explaining what THEIR problem is. Pricing is a mess, no one has one price or attempts to price to contracted amounts.
        What could go wrong? Your contract is different that others. Bet you that someone else is getting more. No way to prove it.