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Renegotiation- Should I discuss other job offers

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  • Renegotiation- Should I discuss other job offers

    I am scheduled to meet with admin for contract negotiation. Recently I got few email from recruiters about jobs in the same area where I work with 50K to 100K above my current base pay. I am almost 6 years into practice and I know the numbers recruiters publish is a likely for a fresh grad. The job descriptions at the area hospitals are very similar to my current one. I like my current job and was planning to take a copy of these email when I meet with admin to ask for more money. Do you all think its a good idea?

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    No. If you want to talk to the recruiters and get an offer you'd actually take, that is worth discussing. But they're not gonna care about an email, I promise you that.


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      Usually recruiter ads for jobs are not very desirable.


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        And as wideopenspaces said, they will laugh at your email printout. I get a ton of them and so do others. Only a proposed contract offer will stand a chance.


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          The devil is in the details. An email from a recruiter lacks the details of the job. You have to actually look to understand what is actually being offered.

          You could mention casually that similar jobs in competing practices pay “x”. And hard data on what colleagues in similar positions are being paid does carry some weight. Sometimes a recruiter can supply a grid with data on jobs in your specialty and area. But a recruiter is unlikely to provide this type of data grid so you can negotiate your current position. Recruiters typically provide this type of market analysis to the employer when they get hired to recruit for a specific position.

          I would not print out any recruitment emails to present.