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Considerations in selling a private practice

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  • Considerations in selling a private practice

    Many of you may have seen this and some I see have posted in it, but an older thread at Bogleheads has floated back to the top that was very educational to me:


    Poster in an independent anesthesia group posts the details of a buyout offer, with a nice discussion including others who sold and some who didn't. I appreciated those that commented from the POV of the megacorp - maybe gives you a window into how your employer thinks.

    I am in a bit of a weird market where megacorp bought several different practices at different times... "megacorp" dominates the local market but there are different groups that have different profit targets and bonus agreements. Unless I move evaluating a buyout won't ever be a part of my career, but evaluating past buyouts and their details can make a big difference in bonus.

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    That is a great thread.

    What is the status?  Is your group taking the buyout from the original offer or did you shop around as suggested by one of the comments?  My husband is leaving a multispecialty group after 14 years.  One of the carrots that was dangled in front of him to stay was that there was a buyout on the table.  That doesn't entice him because the politics/administration of the organization seems to be blinded by the buy out process and not good medicine.  The differential in compensation at the new place makes up for the buyout amount.  Plus, it would be a long 15 years to stay under bad management and no voice.  He is in a different specialty.  It sounds like this is a familiar path for your specialty.


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      I am not the original poster, but in a similar hospital-based specialty (no referral stream). I assume ER, anesthesiology, inpatient radiology/pathology, ICU buyouts are similar models