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Salaried, exempt physicians and nps required to clock in/ out

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    Totally ridiculous for professionals.

    What the ************************ is rhe point of RVUs and tracking actual work performed if time on the clock is what maters to the administration? You can't look at your own medical record and you need to clock in and out like a high school dropout retail worker.

    As for the janitor at Vagabond's workplace, maybe he can take the next open heart surgery and I'll take out the trash. Oh wait, maybe you do your job and I'll do mine.


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      They are going to track patient contact hours at our workplace. More because we can't play on the sand together.

      I'm sure the unspoken motive is to increase access. It's like this insatiable beast--access. No matter how much we add it is still not enough.

      I have no idea who came up with third available. They keep telling me third available is an accepted and validated method. Why is it better than first available as a metric for access? Third available is at least partially a measure of capacity rather than access. Grrr.

      Already capitulated to the idea of time stamp. I don't worry though. If they check epic logs they will see the same information. Who is here and who isn't.