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Hospital's "Primary Service Area", "Secondary Service Area"?

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  • ENT Doc
    If there is a remote chance you want to moonlight I would ask directly and get them to put it in the contract. No exceptions.

    Also, look in other areas of the contract that specify whether or not you can work outside the department in a clinical capacity at ALL.

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  • BruinBones
    It would be best if you directly check with that hospital. And those service areas may just be for moonlighting whereas your restricted covenant (ie, non-compete at end of service) may encompass different boundaries.

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  • Hospital's "Primary Service Area", "Secondary Service Area"?

    Hi all,

    I'm looking over an employment contract for a new job. The contract stipulates that I am absolutely not allowed to moonlight within the hospital's "Primary Service Area" or "Secondary Service Area", with no further specification of what that means. Was curious if there is a universal standard (eg 10 miles radius?) to define "Primary/Secondary Service Area."

    Thanks in advance for any help. And yes, I realize that I can just ask the employer... and will if I need to.