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  • Looking for a New job?

    Hey.... we have a few positions open.
    Things to consider:
    1. Employed arrangement, awesome benefits (insurance, 401a with megaback door roth options, employer match (depends on how long you have been with organization but I am at 10%!), governmental 457, CME, etc.)
    2. Fair pay (Median MGMA, production bonus, plus cost of living bump).... once you have been here 10 years you go to 10% above median, as a "thank you" for staying in community)
    3. Awesome schools (tons of amazing public options! No need to pay for private schools!)
    4. Great medical staff! Small but mighty! Evidence based top quality medicine is always expected. Super close group... no fighting for patients, plenty to go around.
    5. Live in one of the best climates with skiing, hiking, mtn biking, alpine lakes, etc.

    Got ranked as coolest ski town in North America...

    Town website....

    Check out the community resources in our Summer activity Guide:

    Down fall:
    1. California taxes
    2. HCOLA
    3. Housing is through the roof right now.
    4. Credentialing process is vigorous. (multiple malpractice cases, diversion issues, major gaps in education or employment history, etc. is hard to get credentials on our medical staff. Good news is your colleagues will all be super high quality. Bad news is that if you have concerns, better to not apply).

    Positions currently available:
    1. Peds (Need to be able to do outpatient and inpatient, but only level 1 nursery... need to be able to stablize a premie for transport out)
    2. Radiology (need to be able to do all modalities, including biopsies)
    3. Internal medicine (outpatient practice with pre-op clinic)
    4. Family Medicine (outpatient practice)
    5. Occupational health

    Let me know if you are interested!