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Dysfunctional office. Is it like this everywhere??

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    Originally posted by AR View Post

    Unfortunately that degree of generality is completely useless. What is "adequate"? You say it is not; they say it is. Trying to sue them for breach is gonna be real tough. I'm not a lawyer, but I'm certain if I could craft a reasonable argument for just about anything being adequate. Or at least I could do enough to confuse a bunch of lay people.
    I good start would be to make the claim that there has been a breech. It does not have to be proven or even true, but once the claim is made, it will have to be taken seriously.


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      There’s definitely a lot of room or gray area when a word like “adequate” is used. What are staffing ratios and workflows like in other offices, either in your same specialty or different specialties? How many other docs are rooming their own patients or taking their own vitals?

      Another tactic would be reducing your scheduled patients to accommodate for the extra work. The downside of that, of course, is that your productivity would suffer. If you’re on salary that isn’t as big of a deal, of course.


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        Originally posted by VagabondMD View Post

        I good start would be to make the claim that there has been a breech. It does not have to be proven or even true, but once the claim is made, it will have to be taken seriously.
        I don't know about that. Really very dependent on where you work.


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          Originally posted by Dontgetthejab View Post

          my contract has that one liner “the practice provide the physician with adequate equipment and staff”....which they’re in breach of at this point.

          id think most contracts from big employers have similar language. But just bc they have the language in it doesn’t prevent them from breaching it
          i agree that they are in breach of it.

          i think you'd have a very hard time actually proving that if it came down to the wire.


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            Originally posted by CordMcNally View Post

            That's a pretty broad line that I feel like would be pretty tough to prove. I'm not a lawyer but I would think their legal team worded it that way for a reason.
            Yeah, lol trying to make that line work, it means nothing. It means they can say that it was adequate for all these other drs but for some reason not you, maybe you're the problem.


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              You probably have no say in any of this. But I would at least ask to review the finances of your office. If the finances are good, and they are just trying to squeeze a nickel, I would prepare to leave or negotiate. If the finances are poor , then you have different issues. I would get a count of wRVUs and compare them to average, at least go into a discussion with good concrete information. My situation is different , but I did not have an MA for several months this past year. I just could not find anyone that I liked, had skills and actually showed up for an interview. It you can hold out until Sept , the situation will likely change.


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                That just sounds like a horrible situation. However, I will echo what others have said. If your finances are in a good position for the clinic, there is no reason you should be so severely understaffed. I thought our situation was bad compared to other groups (who have 2 MAs per provider and a scribe), but we still have 1MA per provider and a float. Our finances are in good order, so we can afford it.

                I will agree as well that hiring right now is hard. You do seem to underpay at least for our area. I know that several of the local groups have been offering bonuses and increased pay incentives for new hires, so I think part of it is a lack of qualified staff available.