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Is your productivity going up? (Office based practice)

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  • Is your productivity going up? (Office based practice)

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if your productivity (wRVU or collections) is significantly increasing in 2021 due to the new E&M coding requirements? I'm sure this is specialty specific (and mostly effects office based specialities) but I'm looking at wRVU per encounter on old MGMA data (I'd really appreciate it if someone could share some numbers from MGMA 2021!) and the average wRVU per encounter seems low.


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    Went up 15% across the board and then med group realized this and pulled back to 2020 scoring as contracts remain at 2020 levels and kept old conversion factors. Redoing budgets for fy22 in July as they didn't anticipate that in their initial forcasts.


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      My wRVU are exactly the same as last year, but I cut out a day a week and stopped working an hour early. So it looks like a good trade off to me. The best I can calculate is about a 30% increase in revenue since last year per visit


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        Thank you!


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          PCP here. Most burgers flipped were quadruples already, so the triple to quad 99213/99214 ratio didn’t change much. My notes for a 99214 are much shorter though. It is a little embarrassing what you can bill a 99214 for (htn, ED, stable, refills). Then again Derm can say yup that’s an ak, ln2 for a few seconds, and earn WAY more so who cares. I still need to do more 99215’s. If you are a PCP and do a decent number, would be interested to hear the use cases.

          upshot: minimal change in my wrvu/encounter.


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            Yes it is, however still at 2020 wrvus. Interestingly had 2 medical assistants quit bc there was more work and admin wants to run “lean” 5 “providers” and 2-3 MAs usually...


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              My productivity is up some, although I think it's more because it's far easier to overbook telemedicine visits (2 normal rooms, call the tele patient from my office while MA rooms in person patients). Not much has changed except my templates. I do think the changes are good for common sense.