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Incompass Hospitalist - anyone with experience with their contracts?

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  • Incompass Hospitalist - anyone with experience with their contracts?

    My fiance is negotiating with them currently for a hospitalist position. They say they offer a standard contract to all their hospitalist, but we’re not sure if that is the case or if they are playing hardball with negotiating things like base comp, PTO, non-competes, location, etc. Anyone have experience with them? Is there a way to find out what comps are for a given are?

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    I know nothing about the Hospitalist group, but size matters. A 1k doc multi specialty group probably has a contract that is take it or leave it because they’re not going to change how they do business for one doctor. A 3 doc partnership will probably have a lot more room for back and forth. Most importantly, look for competing offers and cultivate other options so if they say take it or leave it you can negotiate from a position of strength or just “leave it”. Or if she really wants the job and it’s a good deal, then take it.

    to get a better sense of ballpark figures for the area, MGMA will be your best source but it costs $$$.


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      I'm sure they have a baseline contract that they offer. Who knows if they'll deviate. Some of the stuff may not be enforceable, such as the non-compete, any way. It never hurts to ask. There's no reason they'd get their feeling hurt if asked in a respectful way.


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        Large groups traditionally offer a standard contract. Boilerplate, not negotiable from what I’ve seen. It would likely be prorated with higher pay based on years of experience
        you can negotiate moving costs and sometimes a signing bonus


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          I saw two “reviews” (not that internet is a reliable source). Two associate comments.
          1) the company is highly dependent upon contracts with hospitals which are negotiated by a corporate sales/marketing team. Corp not receptive to suggestions, contract lost and the team of physicians were out of work.
          2) would never go back.
          Anecdotal, it may be dependent on the hospital contract. At least be aware of potential termination without cause terms. Your contract has dependencies.

          The form and clauses may be standard, but the amounts might be set different for different locations. That is a big lift when negotiating an individual contract.