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  • How Long for Changing DEA Address

    I'm in the process of credentialing for a new job in another state. I have a DEA license in my current state, and they will need the license to have the other state's address for payor enrollment on a specific state. Anyone with experience on the time frame required for changing the address online and the new address being active? I have some time, but not much, between when I finish my current job and when they need the license for payor enrollment. I do not want to spend the fee (non-reimbursed) to obtain a new one if it can be changed in time.

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    Funny you ask this because I just went through the exact same thing.  I applied for a new DEA number for a new practice in a new state and at the end of the application they said "thank you for submitting, processing takes 4-6 weeks"  or something along those lines.  I kind of freaked out because I had wanted to start my new job sooner than that.

    That was last Wednesday.  I got my DEA card in the mail yesterday!  So, the 4-6 weeks was BS and it actually only took 3 business days including mailing time.  Don't know if that's the same everywhere, but it was for me.  Good luck.


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      To contrast the above story, when I recently went through this, the 4-6 weeks took...4-6 weeks. There is definitely state-to-state variance (and probably situation-to-situation, etc). Best to ask others in the state you're moving to for their experience with this, if you have anybody you can ask. Good luck.


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        If it's only changing the address with an active current license, is it still up to 4-6 weeks to process? I won't be applying for a new one.


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          It took Walgreen's nearly 9 months to process the update. They refused to process any scripts even when my spouse walked in the pharmacy, with the patient, with registration in hand because "it wasn't in the computer". This occurred on multiple occasions. ... The DEA part of it was quite rapid however and less than 4-6 weeks.