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Professional College/Society memberships - worth it?

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  • Professional College/Society memberships - worth it?

    I'm a Radiologist and my dues for being a Member of the American College of Radiology are currently $900 (nine hundred dollars) annually.

    My employer does not reimburse this, so, that's $75/month out of pocket for...let's see...what do I get again?  A journal that I don't have time to read?  OK so I realize they perform some kind of professional "advocacy" on my behalf but I can't help wondering how many docs out there would pay this if not reimbursed by their practice, employer, etc.  Is $900 in line with other societies or is this the Radiologist premium on top of "doctor pricing" (looks like ACEP is $615)?

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    Actually, of all of the radiology professional organizations, the ACR is the one watching your back, supporting quality initiatives that make sense, and fighting for your reimbursement. Additionally, they have excellent networking meetings and terrific educational offerings, including the wildly popular online Case-in-Point series.

    Our group pays for all of our ACR memberships, and your group should pay, too. Don't you have a reimbursement account for professional expenses (societies, meetings, books, travel, etc.)?


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      Erstwhile Dance Theatre of Dayton performer cum bellhop. Carried (many) bags for a lovely and gracious 59 yo Cyd Charisse. (RIP) Hosted epic company parties after Friday night rehearsals.


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        Agree there is value in the CME.  My employer pays for CME but not society memberships per se.  Luckily I have 1099 income I can deduct this against.


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          You should pay your main specialty dues. You have no idea what they do for your specialty. I'm derm, but I assume it's similar for all specialities. Yes they lobby for you, keep their hands on the pulse of what is affecting your specialty. I've participated in the lobby day and you should too at least once.


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            In addition to the above, I think it is crucial to contribute to PACs. That is where the rubber meets the road. Our state societies (Utah Society of Anesthesiologists and Utah Medical Association) do a truly amazing job every year at lobbying against and defeating idiotic bills in the state legislature.