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  • Testing the market

    My contract with my current employer is about to be up soon. I am happy there mostly. I am wondering if I should test the market and see what some of the other Hospitals in the area have to offer...if for nothing else to have some leverage for my upcoming re-negotiation with my current employer.

    For others who have had experience with contract re-negotiations, is this a wise decision. Could it backfire if my current employer finds out I am testing the market? What am I missing?

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    Yes.  Test the market.  If your employer is remotely pleased with your work they'll want to retain you and forgo a more expensive job search (location depending of course).  If you were in a more rural area, you've got a lot more leverage.  Locums is expensive for them, and it's not easy to get doctors to go there cheaply.  By doing an additional search (wouldn't just limit this to your area) you find your market value, get better leverage (BATNA), and might even find a better situation elsewhere.  Can't worry about them finding out.  Just be discrete.