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    For any GI guys out there, wanted to see if anyone else has had this idea and if not maybe it's an opportunity for you guys to make some money.

    I'm an OB in south Louisiana, but have a buddy who's a busy rural GI. His latest project that he stands to make literally millions a year is partnering with local 340b's throughout the area and setting up Harvoni/hepatitis clinics. The drug is a big money maker for the 340b because of it's price and they're reduced cost. Unfortunately, as an OB I have no future in this venture ( I wish I could just get a small piece).

    So I was just wondering if anything had this idea/project in the works. Thought it might get somebody rich quick and on the road to retirement. Think this is a time limited opportunity, I would think, as cost of drug will come down eventually. I will be slogging around amniotic fluid for the next 20 yrs however. Wish there was similar opportunity in my field.