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  • Merger

    There is talk about my hospital system buying a local private practice and merging them into my office. As an employed doc I have little say in the matter but I think it is a good choice. I know the other physicians and they are good doctors. They will be bringing a pa and their staff with them.

    What questions should I be asking to my overlords?

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    This is generally a good thing for us family docs; large call pools, etc. The one thing I see a lot of is that different offices like to do things different ways, and people have to change. It sounds like they would be joining you, so they would probably have to be doing more of the changing, but I would be clear as to how things might change for you.

    I'd make sure that if you are merging call pools and schedules, that everything will be equitable (including stuff like evening and weekend clinics).

    Is there any chance it will hurt your production, for instance by taking away acute visits? If so, you may want to look into some sort of income guarantee.


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      I guess the big thing is how work/new patients will be assigned. And call, if applicable. Will you be responsible for signing off on the new pa? Do you get bonuses or other incentive compensation?


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        Never had a pa before so never was an issue but good idea and I will investigate.

        I have been closed to new patients since before covid. We are short primary care in this area. New patients are a very renewable resource.

        I do not expect it will hurt my production too much if at all in the short term. And long term it might help.

        I will of course make sure that call gets split up fairly.

        I think overall this will be a good thing. Just wanted to make sure I am not missing anything.