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    I recently left my practice and am joining a new practice next month. What is the legality of the old practice informing patients as to where they can find me? They refused to send out a letter information the patients that I am leaving, and I've been told when patients call to ask where I am they either give them wrong information or say they don't know. Any advice would be appreciated!

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    I thought if you took insurance there was actually a legal duty to inform the patients, though it will obviously conflict with any contract terms about solicitation. So maybe something that just announces that you left and contact info.


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      Most contracts have non-solicitation clauses in them, so your old practice has no interest or obligation to inform patients where you went. Intentionally wrong information is ethically sketchy but probably not illegal. Your new practice has the interest/responsibility to advertise your presence. Court cases have declined to support claims against non-solicitation for general community advertising like "welcome dr mosho to the Community Health family!" but targeted advertising like sending fliers or emails to everybody you've seen in the past 3 years is a no-no. Updating information with insurance carriers is obviously ok, but I wouldn't count on insurance companies spreading word of mouth about your whereabouts; I once was told by a patient that my address listed on insurance website was the address of my residency program in a different state!