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Getting into telemedicine

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  • Getting into telemedicine

    If the current advice to stay home if you are sick is followed, it seems a boom in telemedicine is likely.
    What companies are good to work with? Any to avoid?
    Has anyone seen rates going up recently?

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    Can anyone give some info on what companies have decent contracts/protections and who to avoid?

    I would like to start doing telemedicine on my days off to help off-load offices and ERs. I think the more we can keep routine / low acuity things out of acute care settings the better.


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      Where do you work now? Self employed? In a hospital system? I think that will guide a lot of your choices.

      Self employed: you'll be treating your own patients & anyone who hears about you & needs you. Set up your own platform. A colleague told me about I have zero experience or stake in them.

      Under a group/hospital: ask them if/what they are doing. If nothing, check your contract if you can even do telemedicine due to a non-compete or something similar.

      Teledoc advertises a lot. If you want to sign up with an established platform, maybe try them. I have zero experience or stake in them. I don't know how they compare to anyone else.
      $1 saved = >$1 earned. ✓


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        I’m in the very early stages of opening a telemedicine practice. I’m learning ad much as possible about the process. It doesn’t seem that difficult so far. Want to PM and discuss ideas?


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          I have a friend who does 32/hrs a week telemedicine for one of these companies (K Health, I think.)
          She is overall quite satisfied with it. Her husband is finishing some schooling, so not earning much if anything. This provides benefits for their whole family, but she's able to do it while still staying home with her toddler. (She does like 4, 2 hour shifts a day, or something like that.)

          I definitely could not do it full time but I am thinking about doing it part time. Would love to hear other's experiences. K Health turned me down b/c I only have one state license. (I don't want to get a bunch of expensive licenses and THEN see if I can find a job...)


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            We have a friend who did it - good to keep the bills paid!

            My boss does it from time to time.

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