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    Quit my job today. It was a tough day! Looking for locums temporarily prior to finding something more permanent. Any recommendations on which companies to use or avoid? Any tips on locums negotiations. Looking in Tri-state for endocrine.

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    I’d network, call hospitals directly, and avoid agencies if you can help it. My least favorite agency from personal experience has been Barton. YMMV.


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      I don’t have anything useful, but did you just up and quit office space style or was this preplanned? If the former, I’m sure you don’t want to share the details on a forum, but I wish you would.


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        It tends to vary by specialty as far as what agencies are better than others. Can also vary by region. So I'm not much help with tri-state endocrine.

        I can say that the national multi-specialty agencies tend to keep a large chunk of what the hospital / group gives them (30% go 40%).

        If you're willing to negotiate on your own, you may get to keep more of the money, but you'll be responsible for everything on your own -- malpractice, travel expenses, what to do if they cancel the job on you, etc... whereas the agency will provide all of that and be your advocate (at a cost).

        Pros and Cons of Locum Tenens Work


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          1. Find locums job
          2. Quit


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            We really recommend you diversify. Use them all and learn what your worth! It's up to you to learn the system: rates, assignments, and landmines can be variable with each. Also, know your worth as a highly trained physician and negotiate with confidence!
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