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Primary care docs: Humana wellness exam forms.....

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  • Primary care docs: Humana wellness exam forms.....

    This year Humana's Medicare Advantage has taken over the insurance of our state teacher's and retired state employee insurance program. They require an annual wellness accessment and pays $200 if done in first six months of the calendar year. The forms are five pages and do require considerable time to fill out manually. We were told has to be done by physician or NP. Anyone doing these? Seems like should be able to have a template that the EMR could populate the nlanks like diagnoses, meds etc.

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    I have not seen these yet and hope not to. I wonder if this is part of an (ongoing) plan to send out their own NPs to do the annual wellness visits to save those dollars.


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      Humana is a rare insurance in this area. We are mostly BCBS territory.


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        That sounds horrible. Can’t a nurse fill out the easy stuff and you sign?


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          How long do you estimate it would take to examine the patient & complete the form? Could you make dollars per hour by not doing this form?

          Only advice I could offer would be to duplicate the form's questions in your EMR so you could template it out. But:

          1. That would require time to set up.
          2. They would have to accept your substitute form.

          ... Scribble everything so incoherently that it's "done" but unreadable???
          $1 saved = >$1 earned. ✓


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            WCICON24 EarlyBird
            United healthcare is in our area and they send a form to their patients with checkboxes for the physician to fill out. If the patient does everything they get a $75 gift card. Included are CRC screening, BP measurements, Weight and BMI, immunization UTD, and a Medicare annual wellness visit.

            I actually make my patients do the MAWV. Other docs just sign the form. I think that is stupid.