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DIY options for bookkeeping/payroll for single person S-corp

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  • DIY options for bookkeeping/payroll for single person S-corp

    I was just exploring some options for bookkeeping and payroll. I started years ago with my CPA providing the services, then later migrated to Quickbooks Online and payroll at a substantial reduction in cost. I originally signed up with Costco for a package for around $40-50/month Over the past few years Quicken has continued to increase the prices, justifying it by adding features I don't need with my relatively simple situation of a single employee. The total is now around $80/month for both QBO and payroll.

    One idea was to move to Quickbooks desktop to save on recurrent monthly costs. Would be interested to hear if anyone made this transition, and how it works with payroll.

    I know we're not talking about huge costs here, I suppose I'm mostly bothered by the continued price hikes and paying for features I don't need.

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    transitions are going in the other direction - desktop to cloud. I would stick with QBO


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      Try Wave - free