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What states are the best to practice?

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    Ha, I came to this thread to suggest Texas! I think it's odd that you think there are no hospital employed jobs there? Scott and white and all the million academic medical centers are likely employee situations. And it's definitely hot there.


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      there are more than 85 hospitals in the Houston area with more than 19,300 beds, including those in TMC. These facilities employ more than 100,000 health care professionals, almost seven percent of the Houston-area workforce.

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    I am not a Hospitalist but I feel qualified to answer this as I, at some point, had similar aspirations you currently have.
    A few points I would make
    ​​​​​​-don’t base your decision off malpractice tort reform caps. Many states have rendered those caps non-constitutional (take FL for example). FL especially south and central FL is VERY litigious and having an on paper tort reform isn’t going to matter at the end of the day.
    -don’t base your decision off of no state tax as well. Average insurance payments are less in those states anyways leading up to smaller collections and smaller salary although with salaries there are other variables including demand-supply. In other words you will likely make 5% more to offset that gap while being in an alternate location which has a more favorable demand supply ratio.

    Echoing what someone else said: FL is always out.
    Look at Carolinas