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    Your state labor board would be very interested in hearing about this. And it doesn't cost you. Are you a W-2 or a 1099? I don't know what state you're in but here is the one for my state of TExas:


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      Originally posted by daman42886 View Post
      I agree, I think the next step is a demand letter or something like EM-CCM MD said above. I just want to make sure I have legal grounds before threatening to sue. I appreciate everyone's input.
      Make sure you are corresponding almost entirely by email, and make sure it isnt work owned only. Forward automatically every correspondence to your personal email.

      Theres zero proof of anything thats "talked out".

      I get and totally understand the "be nice, dont burn bridges", but with many people thats simply used to wait you out or screw you further. You have to make a choice here to the risk/reward of that and their connections in the future, who knows. Often these guys are known as not quite trustworthy and even if superficially nice, people get it.

      Its not necessarily that expensive, its far more likely they just cave and pay. They have the same legal costs you do, and of course if your contract supports it, do it. Being nice after it not working after a couple tries just shows you can be ignored. Get all the supporting documents before filing of course. You simply need a demand letter.