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Possible dying practice- any advice

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  • Possible dying practice- any advice

    Hi.  I am in a small town rad private practice.  The group dynamics are complicated. There is a  minority of younger partners who want to adapt the practice and grow.  The majority of partners are nearing retirement and want to stay the course.  The course however is same or less vacation, decreasing salaries, and a work schedule from sometime in the 80's.  Hiring new rads is next to impossible given our location and aforementioned salary/bene unless the applicant is not at all competitive.  When speaking with admin about concerns they tout the short commute as a hiring point...the hiring point.  Admins other parcel of advice is "what about those telerad companies?"

    I keep sticking it out planning it will get better but the future options are seemingly the practice breaking up and/or being an employee at a place where I am told by admin "we don't want people who are here for the money". (which is after I mentioned we didn't make MGMA national average this past year) And to be an employee I'd rather be someplace else.  On of my colleagues keeps telling me when there's a ship wreck sometimes its an oil spill other times there's sunken treasure.  Has anyone had any experience with tettering practices.

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    Doesnt sound great when those in the position to do the necessary things do not see the actual issues or even believe they may be real.

    First, I'd make sure these issues are real. Then, you have your choices. Talk with them and show them what your perceived reality is, its long term effects and what can be done to make it better. If that doesnt work or just seems awful, its time to start looking for a new position. Its pretty amazing the perspective you can get and what is really worth it when you consider this aspect.


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      The practice seems to be heading in a direction you don't care for, and by the time the senior partners finally retire the situation may be impossible to reverse.  I'd suggest checking out your other options.


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        As a 20+ year rad, with stints in leadership and extensive contacts throughout the country in every possible practice setting, what your group is experiencing is not much different than many private practice radiology groups--of all shapes, sizes, and locations. The younger/longer term partners want to work harder and make more money, and the older/shorter term partners are feathering their nests. The partners in the middle are too busy with raising and launching children and their midlife crises to get too involved in the debate. Add to problem that unless you are in a great location in one of the best practice settings (i.e.. own equipment/imaging centers), it is has become very difficult to recruit. And, yes, the admin knows that you are making double or more what the FPs bring in, the docs that send you cases, so they are not very sympathetic. I get it. All too well.

        I think that there are a few possibilities. Usually one of the senior partners will be sympathetic to your plight and viewpoint and advocate on your behalf. It might be time to encourage the folks with the 1980's work style to go part time, to help them ease in to retirement. One way to get administration on your side is to tout the value and quality (and increased volume) that come with subspecialty radiology and that in order to get the requisite subspecialists on board, some of the old guard needs to start moving along. Ultimately, if you do not like the way the group is heading, it might just be time to find another job. (If you are a fellowship-trained breast imager, DM me ASAP! )