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starting part time practice at surgery center

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  • starting part time practice at surgery center

    Transitioning employment to a new start up where I’ll be W2 employee with benefits. I’m hoping to remain part time doing surgery at my current practice (where I’m currently a W2 employee but will become independent with part time work). Can anyone advise me or direct to a service to help me start my own company to work part time at the surgery center? My understanding is that I’ll need to carry my own malpractice and billing, but I could use advice on whether I should be LLC vs other corporation and how to structure business to optimize taxes etc. thanks!

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    Based on your question, I would recommend you sit down with a CPA to discuss the various options and which one would be best for you.


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      LLC and even (typically) s-corp do not make any difference on tax optimization. You will prob be fine as a sole proprietor, but I second Cord's vote that you talk to a CPA. Lot of moving parts that need to fit together.
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